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The OxyShot V1.0 GW1901

What is the OxyShot?

The OxyShot is a grounds aeration machine. The OxyShot has a single probe which is available
in two diameters, the machine is compact and maneuverable allowing easy access to normally difficult to
reach areas.

What does it do and how does it do it?

The OxyShot’s probe blasts air in 4 directions at variable pressures to a depth and duration that the
operator requires down to a maximum of 500mm using the 25mm diameter probe, thus lifting, expanding
and de-compacting the soil.

Who and where should it be used?

The OxyShot is solely intended for use on lawns and other areas where grass could grow.It is ideal for high
traffic areas which are prone to a high volume of footfall causing compaction and poor grass growth. Areas
such as (but not limited to) goal mouths, bunkers, walkways, greens and around tree roots, injecting life
giving air into the soil profile and allowing the plant roots to breath, perfect for spot treatments
complementing other forms of aeration. The target user would be the likes of groundsmen, greenkeepers,
grounds construction and maintenance professionals, All sports & amenity grounds professionals.

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