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About us
Our Journey

How it all began:

Peter Knight Managing Director of Genny Wren Ltd first thought of designing this machine 10 years ago. In the past he had used  a petrol driven machine which blew air into the ground, but unfortunately had been unable to obtain spare parts for it when it developed a fault. The machine had apparently been taken off the market for several reasons.


Having looked at the workings of this machine, it was obvious to him that the idea was good, but there was in his mind a better way to produce a more efficient and safer machine with a far better end result. Hence the beginning of the OxyShot.


The Company:

Genny Wren Ltd  is now a family run business based in Suffolk. With a wealth of experience in grounds maintenance spanning over 32 years the founder Peter Knight  has set up this innovative company solely to design and create machines to promote decompaction for all ground conditions. The first production model is the OxyShot V1.0 GW1901, which has been designed using computer guided machine cutting and bending machines. After which they are powder coated leaving a professional finish.


Peter Knight’s sister company Bury Turfcare Ltd has grown from strength to strength, now possessing a large client base. They are therefore well placed to provide operated hire of the OxyShot machine also.


We very much look forward to its continued success.

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